Setting Up AppScreen Managment

AppScreen Management is a feature inside your account that allows you to send out an online form to your applicants, who will be able to enter in their information and give consent online!

You are able to access this feature through your Home screen, or under the "My Apps" tab


 If you do not have an option for AppScreen Management, please contact support at 800-319-5580 or


The first page you see inside AppScreen Management is the Invitation Dashboard. This will be where your applicants appear after sending out an invitation to them! 

Before being able to send out the Invitation, there is a set up process that will need to be done.

Email Template

You will need to create an email template first

  • Click on the Email Templates


  •  Then click on New Email Template


  •  This will give you a new window to create your email template


  • Applicant Name - The name of the applicant that you send the Invitation Link to will be automatically populated here
  • E-mail body goes here - Your personal message to your applicants
  • Name of Individual Sending Invitation - The of the user that is logged in to send the Invitation will appear here
  • Your Company Name - The organization name as it appears in our system
  • - The randomly generated link will automatically be populated inside your email body, underneath your message

If you would like to see all of your email templates, to edit them, or to remove them, click on the Email Template option


Invitation Configuration

Once the Email Template is created, you will be able to create an Invitation Configuration

Invitation Configuration is what type of background check will be ordered

  • Click on Invitation Configurations first


  • Then click on New Invitation Config


  • You will get the "AppScreen Invitation Configuration - Add" page


  • Configuration Name - The name of this Configuration. This name is not displayed to the applicants. This field is required
  • Position - The Position this background check would be for. This name is not displayed to the applicants. This name will be displayed in the Invitation Dashboard under the applicant's name. This field is optional
  • Default Reference Number - This will appear on your invoices as a label and will group up your applicants that are assigned to this Reference Number. This field is optional
  • Available Packages - The type of background check that will be ordered with this Invitation. You will be able to choose the background check package from the dropdown and any of the A La Carte services (individual services) below the dropdown. 


  • Once application has been released by the applicant: - Choose what happens to the background check after the applicant completes the Invitation
    • Immediately order the report - Once the applicant is done with the online form, the background check will automatically be ordered
    • Leave Application in a review status - Once the applicant is done with the online form, the background check will not be ordered until you push it through. This gives you a chance to review information
  • Email Template - Choose the Email Template to be sent out with this Configuration

  • Note: If you need to have a new type of background check ordered, you will need to create a new Invitation Configuration

Once you have your Email Template and Invitation Configuration set up, you will be able to send out the Invitation Link


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